Increased interest in advanced biofuels as transport decarbonisation policies accelerate: Advanced Biofuels Coalition welcomes Praj Industries as new member

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Brussels, 15.12.2021

Advanced Biofuels Coalition LSB, has recently welcomed Praj Industries Limited, as a new member. Praj is a Global technology leader offering sustainable solutions in Bio economy. The Advanced Biofuels Coalition now represents 10 companies from 8 countries.

“We believe there is need for consistent EU wide policy, to promote advanced biofuels that utilize complex feedstock and novel technologies. Praj holds a significant share in installed capacity for production of 1G bioethanol in Europe in addition to rich experience in licensing technologies for production of ethanol from variety of feedstock. Praj has licensed ‘enfinity’ – advanced 2G ethanol technology, to three Fortune 500 companies in India.  These projects will produce ethanol from rice straw and first project is scheduled for completion in Q2 2022. For production of bioethanol from forestry-based feedstock found in EU, Praj is also offering Celluniti technology in partnership with Sekab, Sweden. As a demonstration of reiterating our commitment to consumers in the EU we are joining advanced biofuels coalition with the objective to promote the common goal of green growth”, stated Mallikarjun Navalgund, President, Advanced Biofuels and Chemicals at Praj Industries.

Marko Janhunen, Chair of Advanced Biofuels Coalition LSB and Public Affairs Director at UPM commented: “Praj Industries is a global company looking at advanced biofuels business opportunities on all continents. Their interest to contribute to the Advanced Biofuels Coalition in the EU underlines the importance of EU market and of EU policies in reducing transport emissions”.

Advanced biofuels made from wastes and residues as defined in Renewable Energy Directive Annex IX Part A, are a sustainable solution to reduce emissions in transport, including also harder to decarbonize transport modes such as sustainable aviation fuels, maritime transport, and heavy-duty transport. Since the adoption of REDII in 2018, several investments have moved forward and are contributing to the EU’s goal of achieving dramatic reduction in transport CO2 emissions. 

The Advanced Biofuels Coalition LSB, represents the leading companies in the advanced biofuels industry, strongly supports the EU target for climate-neutrality by 2050 and the need for more ambitious 2030 intermediate targets.

Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels

Advanced biofuels are a fast-track solution to decarbonizing transport. LSB is a coalition of leading advanced biofuels technology developers and producers committed to making a significant contribution to meeting the EU ambitions of decarbonizing the transport sector. Advanced biofuels bring multiple benefits in terms of CO2 reduction, investments, revenues for farmers and forest owners, improved waste management practices, job creation and an increase in energy security.

LSB represents 10 companies from 8 countries.

Chair, Advanced Biofuels Coalition
Marko Janhunen, Public Affairs Director, UPM
tel. +358 50 590 0047

Angela Grassi
ETA-Florence Renewable Energies

Note: Some of the statements made in the release could be forward-looking in nature. Such forward-looking statements remain subject to risks and contingencies, particularly concerning but not limited to governmental policies, economic developments and technological factors. This may cause actual performance to differ materially from that observed through the relevant forward-looking statement. Praj Industries will not in any way be responsible for action taken based on such forward-looking statements and undertakes no commitment to update these forward-looking statements publicly to reflect changed real


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