About us

The Advanced Biofuels Coalition is committed to progressing the expansion of advanced biofuel production and uptake across hard-to-abate sectors in Europe.

The coalition represents organisations across the whole advanced biofuels value chain, from companies carrying out commercial production today, the enabling supply chain and those investing in the future production pipeline.
The Advanced Biofuels Coalition operates with a single voice, taking a leading position in the field with expertise spanning decades, and actively engages with EU policy institutions. Collaboration and cooperation with other stakeholders in the bioeconomy are central to our mission. We are open to all organisations involved in the advanced biofuel value chain, committed to sustainability, who want to join us in promoting advanced biofuels and contribute towards achieving further policy support and recognition.

Our goals

The Advanced Biofuels Coalition is committed to advancing the production and use of sustainable advanced biofuels. The coalition actively engages with EU institutions and policy makers, the media and engages directly in the policy making process for advanced biofuels. In order to tap into an advanced biofuel industry ready to accelerate, there needs to be a technology neutral approach in climate policy and a level-playing field for support that can also benefit advanced biofuels, in order to grow investor confidence, scale the value chain and increase production capacity of advanced biofuels. 

Would you like to join the Advanced Biofuels Coalition?