Advanced biofuels

Fast and cost-efficient way

to decarbonize transport

We, the Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels, believe that Advanced Biofuels (AB) made from residues and waste materials represent one of the major industrial opportunities today for our planet in the sustainable energy technology field.
The world is taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and AB are a key part of the solution, because they provide value to waste streams and have considerably lower environmental impact than fuels made from petroleum oil or natural gas. Significant AB production could be deployed today provided that a policy and regulatory framework enabling long-term investment is implemented.

Members of the Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels must be:

  • Technology developers of advanced biofuels who have already been investing in large scale demonstration or large scale facilities
  • Investors in plants (demo or flagship) of advanced biofuels

Our vision

Advanced biofuels from niche to norm

By 2050 all transport modes should use energy sources which will result in net zero emissions. Advanced biofuels contribute to a climate-neutral Europe. Advanced biofuels promote sustainability and circular economy by using residues and waste streams as feedstock as well as innovation by developing new process technologies.

Our mission


LSB is a coalition of leading advanced biofuels producers and technology providers committed to making a strong contribution to meet the EU ambitions of reducing transport emissions. LSB is working closely with the EU institutions and the Member States and promote the use of advanced biofuels in the European Union.