Sustainable and smart mobility strategy crucial for achieving the 2050 climate objectives

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LSB – the advanced biofuels coalition welcomes the Communication on the EU Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy published by the European Commission today. Advanced biofuels are an important solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

LSB supports the goal of the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transport and to make all transport modes sustainable. The Strategy rightly recognizes that the success of the EU Green Deal depends on the transport sector to contribute its fair share. In order for the EU to become climate-neutral by 2050 GHG emissions from transport need to decrease by 90%. Advanced biofuels contribute to a climate-neutral Europe based on sustainability and circularity.

„The Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy underlines the urgency for action. Substantial GHG reductions in transport can only be achieved in time if we implement climate-neutral solutions for the existing vehicle fleet. Policymakers must not fall into the trap of ‘silver-bullet thinking’ and overemphasize electromobility: Advanced biofuels stand ready to address this challenge,” says Gloria Gaupmann, Chairwoman of LSB.

LSB supports the EU’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050 and an increased level of ambition for 2030 targets. At the same time LSB requests policy continuity and long-term visibility for investors. In this respect, the Renewable Energy Directive must continue to set ambitious binding targets for advanced biofuels and the CO2 emissions standards for vehicles must include the renewable fuel dimension.

LSB – advanced biofuels coalition
LSB is a coalition of leading advanced biofuels producers and technology providers committed to making a strong contribution to meet the EU ambitions of reducing transport emissions. LSB is working closely with the EU institutions and the Member States promoting the development and use of advanced biofuels in the European Union.

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Gloria Gaupmann
Chairwoman of the Advanced Biofuels Coalition (LSB)
c/o Blic Brussels
Rond Point Schuman 6
Brussels 1040

Angela Grassi
ETA-Florence Renewable Energies


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