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The European Advanced Biofuels Coalition along with more than 75 Industry Leaders, signed the Turin Joint Statement, which was presented in the 2024 G7 Climate, Energy and Environment and Ministers’ Meeting Communiqué.  

The decarbonisation of transport is a priority to reach the climate neutrality target by 2050. Despite the efforts made in recent years, fossil fuels still represent around 95% of the energy needs of the transport sector, which accounts for around a quarter of consumption global energy and a fifth of CO2 emissions.

The Turin Joint Statement on Sustainable Biofuels highlights the role of sustainable biofuels in decarbonising all transport sectors, promoting environmental sustainability, innovation, and creating value for communities. Signed by more than 75 Industry Leaders, trade associations, and R&D organizations, the Statement focuses attention on actions that G7 countries can take to increase the pace and scale of sustainable biofuels deployment to be consistent with a net zero pathway by mid-century.

The Statement was the focus of the International Forum on Sustainable Biofuels held in Turin, Italy on 28 April that was organized by the Italian Ministry of Environment and Energy Security (MASE), the Politecnico di Torino and the Clean Energy Ministerial Biofuture Campaign.

During the Forum Gilberto Pichetto, Italy’s Minister of the Environment and Energy Security stated:

“Sustainable biofuels can and must provide a fundamental contribution to the decarbonisation of the transport sector at a global level, bringing significant benefits: greater energy security, ease of integration into current logistics, fuel storage and distribution systems as well as use in existing vehicles, promotion of a circular economy logic and creation of value for local communities, promoting sustainable agricultural and forestry practices”.

Sophia Haywood, Chair of the European Advanced Biofuels Coalition comments:

“The Advanced Biofuels Coalition is proud to have been present and sign the Turin Joint Statement on Sustainable Biofuels this week. The Statement underscores the critical role that sustainable biofuels can and should play in decarbonising all transport sectors, reducing dependency on fossil fuels and putting us firmly on the pathway to net zero.

“It highlights the need for inclusive, international collaboration to accelerate the deployment of sustainable biofuels – especially among G7 countries. The Statement was noted in a Communique issued following the G7 Climate, Energy and Environment Ministers’ Meeting on Tuesday.

“It is a critical time for the advanced biofuels sector. Now, more than ever, we need to accelerate the ambition to scale advanced biofuel production, drive investor confidence and reduce emissions in hard-to-abate sectors. There is a huge amount of potential with advanced biofuels that can be unlocked by the EU ahead of its 2040 targets.”

The Advanced Biofuels Coalition is committed to progressing the expansion of advanced biofuel production and uptake across hard-to-abate sectors in Europe. The coalition represents organisations across the whole advanced biofuels value chain, from companies carrying out commercial production today, the enabling supply chain and those investing in the future production pipeline.

Read the full statement here Turin Joint Statement on Sustainable Biofuels FINAL_20240428 (