26-27 January 2022,
Nantes (FR)


The singular purpose of Bio360 Expo is to serve the global effort to preserve our planet by accelerating the biotransition.
The event attracts 450-500 international exhibitors making Bio360 Expo a genuine point of exchange for global bioknowhow covering all aspects of bioenergy and the fast growing biobased sector, including:
–Solid bioenergy: biomass and wood-energy, solid waste recovery, forestry and agricultural co-products for co/tri-generation, district and industrial heating, and renewable green gas.
–Liquid bioenergy: liquid biofuels for the road, maritime and aviation transport sectors
–Gaseous bioenergy: biogas, biomethane, bioNGV, green hydrogen for local consumption or broader distribution
–Biobased materials and products: bioplastics, biochemicals, biomaterials, biopharmaceuticals, biotextiles, biocoatings, bioadditives etc.
–Biochar: biochar has a large evolving range of usages from agriculture and soil management, for livestock, water management, construction, biocomposites …
–Carbon capture and utilization / storage (CCU/S)*: capturing and utilising CO2 for chemicals, fuels, feed, material…